Our Leadership

Our Leadership Team is made up of men and women who love God and love people.

FCC’s form of church government is “eldership” as opposed to “congregational.” The Senior Pastor is considered “the chief elder among equals.” The church elders are responsible for the general oversight of all church affairs. A high value is placed on congregational input, but the ultimate decisions regarding the church is held by the elders.

Senior Pastor – Dr. Kevin Riggs

Elders – Dr. Kevin Riggs, Phil Davis, Fred Adams, and Eric Boucher

Deacon – Jeremy Davis

Associate Pastor – Rev. Walter Simmons

Outreach Pastor – Rev. Luis Sura

Student Pastor – Rev. Michael Hollifield

Children’s Minister – Misty Riggs

Nursery Coordinator – Jonnika Patton

Worship Minister – Deanna Hollifield

Women’s Minister – Lorraine Dunlap

Minister on Death Row – Kevin Burns